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OutCamping is a unique gay camping group that hosts truly wonderful weekend camping get aways.  Your next fantastic weekend of relaxation, fun and or adventure is just a two hour drive from Washington DC, on the shores of the Shenandoah River. Join the OutCampers for a weekend of gay camping on a private farm in Bentonville, VA. OutCamping is also the official host of the infamous annual FABFest.

Since 1998 the OutCamping group has been gathering on the weekends to enjoy each others' company and make memories for a lifetime. The OutCampers know how to make their weekends wet and wild along the river, or relaxing and reinvigorating, as they want them to be. If you're new to OutCamping.org, please take some time and explore our website and get to know us.

Sign-up for our FREE MEMBERSHIP and mailing list. We want you to be part of our family. You can find us on Facebook, Outcamping.org. We encourage members to join our Facebook group for real time updates and the coming together of our members and acquaintances. So take your time, check us out. We hope you enjoy yourself while visiting our pages.

We are getting ready for this camping season starting May 01, 2015. This is our sixteenth year of enjoying great friends and good times on this magical private farm in Virginia. We welcome all gay and gay friendly guys and girls to join us on the river and around the campfire. It's your opportunity to make some casual buddies and some lifelong friends.This year, OutCamping has scheduled a combination events, both weekend and day, and the famous annual FABFest. There are many other additional events in this seasons camping schedule. The FABFest will be held the weekend of August 07, 2015 to August 09, 2015. Stay tuned for exciting new plans for this year’s FABFest. Awesome live entertainment, group activities, shows, great food, friends & fireworks!  As we get closer to FABFest, we will announce this years' lineup of Fabulous Entertainment.

DC Capital Pride is right around the corner on Sunday June 14, 2015. We hope you enjoy the event and/or camping weekend as much as we will! There are many events to sign up for and attend! The weather has been dull and cold, but it's looking good for us here at Outcamping.org. Please feel free to continue exploring the site and see all the great stuff we have to offer! 

See you on the River!

You will need to be signed in as a MEMBER to purchase tickets

OutCamping Presents The 2015 16th Annual
The 2015 FABFest Gay Camping Weekend
Friday August 07, 2015 10:00 AM
Sunday August 09, 2015 04:00 PM
Tickets for the FABFest available for  $--.--  Click Here
FABFest Saturday Passes available for  $--.--  Click Here
For more information Click HERE

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You don't have to be a member of www.OutCamping.org to find out what's going on with us!

During the summer months only, OutCamping will send a few emails that help the OutCampers stay updated about upcoming camping trips and event announcements.

We do not sell anything other then a great time camping, and maybe a t-shirt. Rest assured, we keep all your information private!